Short films allow filmmakers to tell smaller, often more intimate tales without sacrificing solid drama or great storytelling. We endeavour to make films that will delight, fascinate and enlighten the human spirit. We are happy to help short film production and development, from script reading to filming.


writer / director - Andrew John Rainnie

A cinematic experiment based on a short story by author Jonathan Lethem, The Collector dissects one man’s obsessive compulsion for collecting materialistic possessions over the course of his lifetim. The film shows the fragile character at three key stages in his life; from his childhood (actor Lyle Horne) through his troubled twenties (actor Phil Bishop) and into his reclusive forties (actor Adam Lewis), all the while struggling against the neurotic need to hoard, compile, collect.  


writer / director - Andrew John Rainnie

The Illuminant Midnight Project was a series of three thought-provoking short films aimed at starting conversations about our own mortality. However, after an unsuccesful crowdfunding campaign, the shorts were never made. We did commision storyboards, which show how the films would have looked. Here is the second film, The Deer, which shows the world through the eyes of a young boy who sees animal life equal to human, and deserving of the same values and respect, even in death.

The Illuminant Midnight Project storyboards and vlogs can be seen on our YouTube channel.