We believe that a great film requires a solid script at its foundation on which everything else is built. With years of script reading experience, we offer a full reading and editing service. We will also read short scripts for free, just because we're nice like that.


With degrees in Screenwriting from the Skillset-accredited Bournemouth University, our readers and editors have worked for BBC, Celador Films, and Cloud 8. We will offer you insights into your scripts, tackling everything from story and theme to characterisation and dialogue. Check out our reading packages below.


If your short script is under 20 pages, we will provide a two page report offering an overview and analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the script.

This is ideal for new filmmakers who need help with their short films, from story and theme to budget concerns.


A four page report evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the script with in-depth insight into key areas and suggested avenues for exploration.

This is perfect for writers looking for constructive criticism of their work, as well as possible avenues for development.

EDITING - £100

A detailed six page report analysing all aspects of the script with specific ideas for story improvements and character development.

This is suited for a writer / producer with a script looking to strengthen the story or cut the budget before production.

If you are a member of Shooting People or Film Industry Scotland, you could benefit from a discount of £5 off of all script reading and development prices in exchange for a mention on social media.