Whether you are a charity, a business, an organisation, or an individual, an eye-catching promotional video can help push your brand or message, and engage with a wider online audience.


Charity Promotional Video

We ventured to the Highlands of Scotland to join a group of volunteers working with Trees for Life, a conservation charity who are actively regrowing the Caledonian Forest. We wanted to offer a grand scale of nature, while focussing on the personal journeys of the volunteers, getting close to, and becoming a part of, nature.


Charity Promotional Video

Action For Children approached us to create a series of videos that would be shown at a live event, in order to help the audience engage with the subjects of the video, who were mostly backstage preparing food. The aim of the videos was to give these young men a platform to share their heartbreaking stories and to show they were ready to change, while at the same time persuading the audience to donate more funds to a worthy cause. With a tight deadline, we spent one day filming and edited it on time and budget.