Great songs deserve to be seen as well as heard. We cater to all budgets, from simple studio shoots to more ambitious endevours, and help expand your fan base through the art of video.


Live at Merchant City Festival (2017)

Space-age indie pop band L-Space wanted their outdoor gig at the Merchant City Festival filmed for their social media channels. This was made ever more challenging by the location being next to a busy main road. We used two cameras and a series of microphones to capture both audio and visual, and then worked with the band in post-production to grade the footage to a colour scheme of their choice.


Shining Star (2015)

We joined Renfrew-based band Big Dirty Ride during a practice sessions while testing out our new Panasonic GH4. By the end we had managed to capture enough takes of the same song to edit together a simple music video. We then added a classy black & white grade as well as some noise to give it a more grungy, cinematic look and feel.